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So, I remembered I had this thing when my roommate said "I have weird dreams" and I said "you got nothing on me, and i used to write them all down"

Then I went back to see my last few posts. Man I ended this thing on a kind of depressing note. That's now how I want my livejournal legacy to end. So, last we left our hero, he had quit his job, was having car trouble, had his neopets account frozen, and dissapeared.

Let me fill you in on how the next four years have gone.
2013, amazing year, I will never top it.
I went to Ireland, Mardi Gras, (this is where we pick up) bought a new car, Took a 3 month long road trip, beach bummed at a surf shop on the outter banks, went to disney world, and went to Cancun.

At the end of 2013 I tried to find a job again and it didn't quite go according to plan so I slept on a friends couch for 5 months and payed them couch rent. I think being poor for a while is what I really needed. I'd quit my job because I was unhappy and nothing seemed to have value to me, I'd buy food and throw it out, I'd buy frivolous garbage and throw it out. Not having any money was the perfect way to end my jobless adventure because it made me appriciate the value of things again.

So here's where things change up.
I made a new group of friends. In short, I fell in with a group of furries. I guess this isn't so much unexpected as I was like 20 something an playing neopets for a long time. I kind of left my old group of friends behind and I think this was the best for all of us. I was holding them back. We were bros. They needed to become men. And they did. Me, I remained a bro. Mid 2014 I got a job at some kind of random company and it was an alright hold over. The pay was kinda junk tho.

The hold over job wasn't turning into anything. I looked for a new gig and landed at a great place and was finally making over 100K a year (life goal accomplished, you proud mom and dad?). All the friends from my old life had dissapeard at this point and my only remaining friends were all in the furry fandom. This was actually kind of amazing. I never thought I would join a secret society, but let me tell you, thats what furry is. They are every where in ever corner of every company and if you need help its like a secret hand shake. Well its not a hand shake as its like a nod and acknowledgment that you both have seen porn of cartoon animals and that this is somehow ok.

My awesome job turned into an awesome permenent job. Nothing else really changed. I went to iceland and that was pretty awesome tho.

I bought a house in Maryland :) It needs a little love but I think this will work out. OK. So Livejournal, I don't promise you I will be back any time soon. I don't promise you that things are going to be all roses in the future. I wish I could leave this off telling you that I found the love of my life but that's still TBD. I suppose at 33 you'd think I'd have more figured out. There's people I graduated with who have kids in highschool right now and here I am running around with adults who wear animal costumes. But it takes all kinds. Part of what makes life worth living is that there are so many paths someone can choose to take. Sometimes you end up on a path by mistake and it ends up great. Sometimes it sucks too, but hopefully its great. There's no map. But I'm in a good place right now. I've got a good job, a house, and really interesting friends. I will keep making stories even if I don't post them here, I promise.

I don't really post well thought out long rants anywhere anymore. But if you want to catch brief glimpses into my life I'm pretty active on twitter @noahroo

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I did my yearly log into neopets thing.... one of my pets has been moved to another account and more importantly and more annoyingly my Rod of Dark Nova is missing. I thought they had like...had automatic account freeze on people if one of those things moved. *sigh* lets see if their support staff is worth a damn.

12 Days to go

My transmissions pretty shot and the company I got a warranty from won't pay for the repairs. What a fucking scam. I may get a new car, but I will more than likely just drive this one broke. It still works..just not great.

No I get to train my replacement at work tomorrow! Woo.

16 Days to go

Brought my car in to get fixed. I'll probably need it a lot soon

Looking up personal health insurance quotes. Surprisingly affordable. All the bitching I hear about health insurance I thought for sure it'd be like 500 a month or something nuts. You can get it for about 50$ if you want a shitty deductible.

Looked up places to go out west. Found out there are a surprising number of hot springs in the west. There's an idea.

Motorola Webtop 3.0 on Ice Cream Sandwich ISC

I know I've mostly forsaken this journal, but I had to write down somewhee in detail about how much Webtop 3.0 sucks. This seemed like my soapbox

I just got the upgrade to ICS on my droid 4. And with it came the upgrade of webtop 2.0 to 3.0. While ICS its self is nothing to write home about so far a I can tell, the total bastardization of webtop has raised my bloodpressure a little.

Webtop 2.0 was great, it looked sharp, had excelent resolution even on my 42" TV, it had a full firefox browser and full flash which would let me play hulu among other things. It made you feel like you were actually using a desktop computer on your phone. It was fantastic.

All of that is gone now. All of it. Webtop 3.0 is essentially your phone in mirror mode. The resolutin is shitty, the mouse actins are just what you would do with your finger. Firefox is gone, replaced by the crome mobile browser. This leads to the screan being dragged around or zoomed in for mouse actions you would expect otherwise. It's basically total crap. Fuck you google and motorola, you destroyed a great thing.

Edit: If you're wondering why ther are so many typo's in thit. Autyp t thmooola webt. 0 crobrwse ita' keep up.

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Aw crap, LJ, I have abandoned you for so long. It's not that nothing has happened. I have just been lazy with updates. But it's a new year and I will try to update more.

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I didn't forget you LJ... I've just been very boring lately.

No that's a lie too. I've been up to all my usual antics and I have stories to tell. I'll try to get to those later though.