Transient journal of truth

Clothes don't make the man, and man doesn't make the clothes, machines do.

First, a Note to any potential Employers who might be browsing around google trying to find information about me.
1.) This is my personal journal, it contains no professional information about me of any kind.
2.) It does contain pictures, foul language at times, and other information that isn't very relevant to any hiring process I've heard of.
3.) Enjoy anyway, I'm always looking to add friends to my list.

--- The rest of my bio ---

About me eh?

I'm a software engineering student. I rock.

I do stuff sometimes. Its usually pretty cool. I'm big on anime, anime rocks, I like the RPG kinda ones best, don't know why, something about wandering around and doing quest to get stronger appeals to my nature.

I wander around a lot. I'm just kind of going where life takes me. Seems like this approach is working pretty well. Meeting a lot of people along the way, making some valuable friends too.

I'm pretty random. I will do stuff just for the fun of it, this can include breaking into song at (as previously stated) random times. I like my friends to be equally random. I don't lack logic, life is just to short to worry about the consequences of social pressure.

I don't like Rap, or much modern music for that matter. I don't think I've liked more than 10 songs that have been made in the last 5 years. I'm tired of the man media trying to tell me what I should like. I haven't watched TV or listened to the radio in over a year now. I just stopped. I have cooler things to waste my time with, I can amuse myself.

I have an awesome imagination! Most peoples imaginations seem to go away sometime in high school. Not here! I think there is a team of very small Hollywood script writing in my brain constantly writing interesting stories and situations for me to drift off to.

I have long planned to live to be 129 years old .. its been a goal of mine since I was about 14. Only 107 more years to go.

Once I sat in my room and meditated for 5 hours trying to close the door with my mind. It didn't work, but I really really believed it could have at the time. Its still fun to think about. I should give it another try.


*goes to give it another try*